Title: 聽覺與視覺置入一致性對行動廣告回憶與態度效果之探討
Effects of Congruency between Visual Placement and Audio Placement in Mobile Advergaming
Authors: 林慧斐
Hui-Fei Lin
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 音樂品牌一致性;行動廣告;行動遊戲式廣告;注意力有限空間模式;訊息吻合架構;music-brand congruence;mobile advertising;mobile advergaming;limited-capacity model of attention;resource matching framework
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 音樂在廣告中具有框架訊息與預示品牌特質的功能,然而,過去鮮少有研究探討產品廣告主題曲中產品名稱或標語的聽覺置入,且現今隨著智慧型手機普及化,再加上手機具有隨身可攜帶性與個人化特性,行動廣告效果的威力不容忽視。因此,此研究檢視手機遊戲背景音樂歌曲與所置入於行動遊戲中產品一致性對行動廣告效果之間的關係。本研究以古典制約理論、推敲可能性模式、注意力有限空間模式為理論基礎,來檢驗聽覺與視覺置入一致性對行動廣告效果之影響。研究結果發現當手機遊戲背景廣告音樂歌曲與所置入產品「一致」時,會比「不一致」產生較佳的回憶與品牌態度。玩家對手機遊戲背景音樂歌曲態度會中介「音樂歌曲與品牌一致性」與品牌態度。
Music in advertising does not only transmit sensations, it also frames messages and primes brand performances. However, few studies have investigated audio placements of product names or slogans in product advertising theme songs. Furthermore, currently, with the ubiquity of smartphones and personalization of mobile phones, mobile advertising is increasingly valued. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between product congruency regarding embedded music in mobile games and mobile advertising. The theoretical foundations draw on the classical conditioning theory, ELM, and the limited-capacity model of attention in order to examine the effects of audio and visual placement congruency on mobile advertising. The results showed that gamers have higher recall and more positive attitudes towards brands embedded in the game when there is a fit between the background music of the game and the brands placed in the game, than when there is no fit between the music and brands. In addition, attitude towards music mediates the relationship between the fit and brand attitude.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123578
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 27
Begin Page: 58
End Page: 89
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