Title: 典藏祖先記憶:林保民藏古文書介紹
An Introduction to the Historical Documents Preserved by Lin Bao-Min
Authors: 羅烈師
Lieh-shih Lo
College of Hakka Studies
International Center for Hakka Studies
Keywords: 古文書;新竹;饒平林氏;聚落;宗族;Historical Document;Hsin Chu;the Lin Lineage from Raoping;Settlement;Lineage
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Abstract: 位於竹北六家聚落的饒平林姓,是北臺灣頭前鳳山兩溪流域的重要拓墾宗族,其宗族史也是新竹歷史的重要一頁。林家宗族史文獻目前由林保民保存,並曾寄存於國史館臺灣文獻館。依文獻館所完成之初步數位化準備工作,這批資料計有294筆著錄,年代最早者為乾隆11年(1746)之〈乾隆11年竹塹土目一均大里罵等立給佃批〉,最晚一筆為民國38年(1949)〈林啟雄致誠舅公信〉。筆者依文獻館著錄之內容與性質,歸納為四大類,分別為土地所有權移轉、公文書、私文書與其他。在高鐵與都會化夾攻之際,林氏後裔、社區與客家文化關懷人士等,對六張犁聚落之未來可謂殷殷切盼。此刻亦值林先坤派下之公廳「大夫第」整建之際,林保民藏古文書豐富多彩,以之為素材,用聚落與各建築為舞臺,藉以重建及展演林姓聚落史,則庶幾這一饒平客家史之片段,得以永恆。 <br>
The Lins in the Liujia settlement in Zhubei is an important lineage who has engaged in exploring the Tochian-Fengshan River basin in northern Taiwan. The history of the lineage is also an important part of the history of Taiwan's Hsinchu region. The Lin's historical documents are currently preserved by Lin Bao-Min and were registered in Taiwan Historica. The preliminary digital arrangement completed by Taiwan Historica shows that there are 294 entries, with the earliest one being a Tenant grant by Ijun-Dalima in Qianlong 11 years (1746) and the most recent being a Letter written by Lin Qixiong to his grand uncle in the Republic of China 38 years (1949). The author grouped these documents into four categories according to their content and nature, with the categories being the transfer of land ownership, public documents, private documents, and miscellaneous. With recent developments such as the High-speed Rail and urbanization, the Lin lineage, community, and people who care about the Hakka culture are looking forward to the future of the Lin's settlement. In the meantime, founding father Lin Xiankun's ancestral temple, named the House of Daifu is under repair. The Lin Bao-Min historical documents are colorful relics, which will help to rebuild and showcase the history of the Lin settlement.
URI: http://ghk.nctu.edu.tw/issueArticle.asp?P_No=40&CA_ID=417
Journal: 全球客家研究
Global Hakka Studies
Volume: 3
Begin Page: 321
End Page: 332
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