Title: 一種連接結構及其使用方法
Authors: 李俊興
Issue Date: 16-Mar-2015
Abstract: 一種連接結構,可應用於一第一電子裝置和一第二電子裝置間的訊號傳遞,其包含傳輸線、第一訊號輸入/輸出端、第二訊號輸入/輸出端、第一焊墊、第二焊墊、訊號焊線、接地焊墊及接地焊線。晶片或載具上的焊墊透過焊線連接在一起,藉由適當設計傳輸線的數目、長度、及特徵阻抗,此結構可呈現寬頻的阻抗匹配及低的插入損失。 An interconnect structure, which can be applied to chip-to-chip or chip-to-carrier communication, composed of transmission lines, the first signal bond-pad, the second signal bond-pad, ground bond-pads and bondwires. The bond-pads on the chip or the carrier are connected to each other by bondwires. By properly designing number of transmission lines, length and characteristics impedance of transmission lines, the structure can provide a broadband signal transfer with good return loss and low insertion loss.
Gov't Doc #: H01L023/48
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/122967
Patent Country: TWN
Patent Number: 201511201
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