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dc.description.abstract課程目標 課程綱要 章節 授課內容 Lecture 1 Phase equilibrium in a one component system (Chapter 7 of Gaskell) Gibbs free energy phase diagram, phase equilibrium Clasusuis-Clapeyron equation Lecture 2 The behaviors of gas (Chapter 8 of Gaskell) Ideal and real gases comparison Use compression to observe real gas behaviors Van Der Waals model and a P-V diagram for a real gas Gas mixing, partial molar quantity fugacity Lecture 3 The behaviors of solution (Chapter 9 of Gaskell) Evaporation to construct the concepts for solution behaviors Bonding effects and solution behaviors Activity to realize the ideality of solution behaviors Mixing of ideal and non-ideal solutions Gibbs-Duhem equation Lecture 4 Gibbs free energy, composition and phase diagram of binary systems (Chapter 10 of Gaskell) Definition of regular solutions Gibbs free energy, phase stability, phase diagram of a regular solution (single and mixed cases) Relations among Gibbs free energy, activity, and standard state Equilibrium between solid and liquid phases, from G-x plot to mathematical expression Insoluble & eutectic phase diagram, ?G, ?S calculations Lecture 5 Reactions involving gases (Chapter 11 of Gaskell) Reactions of gases Equilibrium constant Temperature and pressure effects on equilibrium of gases Lecture 6 Reactions involving condensed phases and gaseous phases (Chapter 12 of Gaskell) Solid-gas phase equilibrium and Gibbs free energy calculation Ellingham diagram Melting effects on Ellingham diagram Mixing reaction effects on Ellingham diagram Pressure effects on Ellingham diagram Lecture 7 Phase diagrams (Chapter 13 & 14 of Gaskell) 2-dimensional binary phase diagram 3-dimensional binary phase diagrams Ternary phase diagrams 課程用書 Introduction to the thermodynamics of materials, David R, Gaskell, 5th edition 評分標準 項目 百分比 Attendance 5% Midterms 20%+20% Homework 10% quiz 10% Final 35%zh_TW
dc.titleThermodynamics of MaterialsIIen_US
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