Title: 四溪計畫總辦公室
Office of the Four Rivers Program
Authors: 莊英章
Chuang, Ying-Chang
Keywords: 四溪流域;四溪計畫;四溪計畫辦公室;客家;Drainage Area of the Four Rivers;Programs of the Four Rivers;Office of the Four Rivers Program;Hakka
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本辦公室之設置係依據國科會政府科技計畫「台灣客家族群的聚落、歷史與社會變遷:以鳳山、頭前、中港及後龍四溪流域為範圍之跨學科研究計畫」(四溪計畫),其目的在於執行基礎調查,整合各子計畫,培養研究人才,發展研究主題以及出版研究成果。辦公室下設研究、行政與資訊三組,置執行秘書一人為總計畫協同主持人,以綜理各組業務;同時,又增設資訊協同主持人一人,以利數位事務之推動。
The Office of the Four Rivers Program (OFR) is established for executing the National Science Committee’s Government Research Program named “The Settlement, History, and Social Change of Taiwan Hakka: the Inter-disciplines Research Program on the Drainage Area of Feng Shan, Tou Cian, Zhong Gang, and Hou Long Rivers ”. There are four kinds of affairs of OFR which include foundational investigation, integrating sub-programs, training of research assistant, raising new research topics, and publication. There are three divisions in the OFR which are Research and Development, Administration, and Information. There is a sectary in OFR to manage all the affairs of three divisions, and an information assistant sectary to enforce the information affairs.
Gov't Doc #: 97-0399-05-0301-28
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/102327
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