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dc.contributor.authorPENG SONG-TSUENen_US
dc.description.abstract本計畫之提出主要針對RFID之潛在應用和其面臨之問題。進行特性研究。本計畫尤其針對其在車載通訊系統之應用,尤其是可能應用於高速公路電子收費及車牌管理等深具市場潛力之前瞻性應用進行學術探討與實驗驗證。在這兩個應用中一個普遍的現象為RFID之Tag均置於大型金屬環境之中(如車載平台與車牌),這些環境被視為破壞性的干擾RFID之應用,而影響了RFID之應用範疇,故其研究不但具備學術意義於技術難度,其解決方法不但具備學術價值,亦具實務應用的需求,方法之尋得更具推廣RFID應用之產業價值。 本計畫希望由系統應用之觀點來探討RFID在這些應用所呈現之問題與解決,更善用元智大學能量,利用模擬技術與量測程序來發掘問題,現象與答案,最後希望發展一技術來結合大型金屬與RFID Tag,使得大型金屬可由正面的方式,應用來增加RFID Tag接收能量,故或有機會進一步增加RFID 接收之距離。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis project proposes to conduct a systematic study on the potential applications of RFID and it’s potential problems. In particular, it is proposed to study it’s application on the car-based vehicular communication system including it’s application on ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)and license plates managements. These two applications have significant market potentials and desire deep studies. Note that the common problems faced in these two applications are that the RFID Tag are located in a environments full of metal structures. Their scatterings tend to interfere with the signal radiated from RFIF, and are considered as potential difficulty for RFID applications. It has technical difficulty but has values of academic researches. It’s solutions will also enlarge the scope of RFID applications. This project proposes to study the problems from a system point of view by utilizing the simulation and measurement that have been well established by Yuan Ze University. The problems will be explored and solutions will be attempted. It is expected that the research results will not only assist to resolve the potential problems, but also enlarge the application scopes of RFID.en_US
dc.titleUHF 被動式RFID電子標籤及貼於大型金屬物之現象研究zh_TW
dc.titleUHF Passive RFID Tag Design and Its Phenomenon When Pasted on a Large Mental Bodyen_US
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