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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A hybrid genetic algorithm approach for protein secondary structuresChu, Yen-Wei; Sun, Chuen-Tsai; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
1-May-2007System gains configuration and coordination of redundant degrees of freedom by genetic algorithms for multi-axis machine system in manufacturingChin, Jih-Hua; Chen, Yu-Cheng; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
2010以蛋白質序列物化特性為特徵的蛋白質激Kinase-Specific磷酸化位置預測方法與分析黃慧玲; Hunag Hui-Ling; 國立交通大學生物科技學系(所)
1-Aug-2007Reinforcement hybrid evolutionary learning for recurrent wavelet-based neurofuzzy systemsLin, Cheng-Jian; Hsu, Yung-Chi; 電控工程研究所; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
1-Sep-2005Convergence time for the linkage learning genetic algorithmChen, YP; Goldberg, DE; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
25-May-2005Model identification of ARIMA family using genetic algorithmsOng, CS; Huang, JJ; Tzeng, GH; 運輸與物流管理系 註:原交通所+運管所; 科技管理研究所; Department of Transportation and Logistics Management; Institute of Management of Technology
4-Jul-2015Function-space assignment and movement simulation model for building renovationDzeng, Ren-Jye; Wang, Wei-Chih; Hsiao, Fan-Yi; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
1-Nov-2007Activity and value orientated decision support for the development planning of a theme parkDzeng, Ren-Jye; Lee, Hsin-Yun; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
2012Inductive linkage identification on building blocks of different sizes and typesChen, Ying-ping; Chuang, Chung-Yao; Huang, Yuan-Wei; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
2013Population sizing for inductive linkage identificationLin, Jih-Yiing; Chen, Ying-ping; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science