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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997單元製造系統中工件-機器分群之研究蘇朝墩; SU CHAO-TON; 交通大學工業工程與管理系
1996以模擬退火建立叢發錯誤頻道模型之研究張文輝; CHANG WEN-WHEI; 國立交通大學電信工程學系
1998CNC車床中車削條件最佳化之研究蘇朝墩; SU CHAO-TON; 交通大學工業工程與管理系
1-Sep-2015An Optimization Approach to Leak Detection in Pipe Networks Using Simulated AnnealingHuang, Yen-Chen; Lin, Chao-Chin; Yeh, Hund-Der; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering
1-May-2017Modelling the spatial forest-thinning planning problem considering carbon sequestration and emissionsLiu, Wan-Yu; Lin, Chun-Cheng; Su, Ke-Hong; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
2006探討B*-tree在非點格式軌道繞線中的應用黃冠華; Guan-Hua Huang; 李毅郎; Yih-Lang Li; 資訊科學與工程研究所
1999以基因法則設計碼書索引指定之研究張文輝; CHANG WEN-WHEI; 交通大學電信工程系
1-Oct-2011Mental map preserving graph drawing using simulated annealingLin, Chun-Cheng; Lee, Yi-Yi; Yen, Hsu-Chun; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
1-Jun-2015Simulated annealing for interface-constrained channel assignment in wireless mesh networksChen, Ying-Yu; Chen, Chien; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
1998影像分割的多重解析法及其在醫學影像的應用盧鴻興; HENRY HORNG-SHINGLU; 交通大學統計研究所