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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003行動電子付款系統協定郭育銓; Yu-Cheng Kuo; 葉義雄; Yi-Shiung Yeh; 資訊科學與工程研究所
1-Nov-2003Special issue on nanoelectronics and nanoscale processingSheu, B; Wu, PCY; Sze, SM; 電機學院; College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2003適應性浮水印技術蘇俊銘; Jun-Min Su; 傅心家; Hsin-Chia Fu; 資訊科學與工程研究所
1-Nov-2003Design of a sensorless commutation IC for BLDC motorsCheng, KY; Tzou, YY; 電控工程研究所; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
2003利用訊號強度為基礎之位置追蹤及感測器佈署問題巫芳璟; Fang-Jing Wu; 曾煜棋; ; 蔡中川; Yu-Chee Tseng; ; Jong-Chuang Tsay; 資訊科學與工程研究所
1-Oct-2003Parallel matching algorithm for CIOQ switches with multiple traffic classesLee, TH; Kuo, YC; 傳播研究所; Institute of Communication Studies
1-Nov-2003Characteristics of vortex flow in a low speed air jet impinging onto a heated disk in a vertical cylindrical chamberHsieh, JC; Cheng, TC; Lin, TF; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Nov-2003Output feedback sliding mode control for the flying height of a pickup head in near-field optical disk drivesWu, WC; Liu, TS; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Nov-2003Real-time packet scheduling in next generation radio access systemWan, CS; Shih, WK; Chang, RC; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
1-Nov-2003Decision of double-talk and time-variant echo path for acoustic echo cancelationJenq, JC; Hsieh, SF; 電信工程研究所; Institute of Communications Engineering