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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016D Minimizing Total Earliness and Tardiness for Common Due Date Single-Machine Scheduling with an Unavailability IntervalLow, Chinyao; Li, Rong-Kwei; Wu, Guan-He; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
2010The D plus plus Algorithm: Real-Time and Collision-Free Path-Planning for Mobile RobotCheng, Pi-Ying; Chen, Pin-Jyun; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
2015D-A共聚高分子使用簡易的策略調控溶解度與固態結構形貌李宇庭; Lee, Yu-Ting; 王建隆; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系分子科學碩博士班
2002D-Con - 概念平面設計中的雙重建構架構郭仁輝; Jen-Hui Kuo; 張登文; Teng-Wen Chang; 建築研究所
2011d-d Transition and Electrical Transport in Single Co:ZnO NanorodWen, C. -S.; Sun, K. W.; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
2000D-DOM:分散式的文件之物件模型架構忻斌煌; Pin-Huang Hsin; 袁賢銘; Shyan-Ming Yuan; 資訊科學與工程研究所
14-Jan-2015D-s -> eta,eta ' semileptonic decay form factors with disconnected quark loop contributionsBali, Gunnar S.; Collins, Sara; Duerr, Stephan; Kanamori, Issaku; 物理研究所; Institute of Physics
1-Mar-1998D-stability analysis for discrete uncertain time-delay systemsHsiao, FH; Hwang, JD; Pan, SP; 電控工程研究所; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
1-Apr-1997D-stability bound analysis for discrete multiparameter singularly perturbed systemsHsiao, FH; Pan, ST; Teng, CC; 電控工程研究所; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
1-Jul-2004D-term inflation and nonperturbative Kahler potential of dilatonHigaki, T; Kobayashi, T; Seto, O; 物理研究所; Institute of Physics
2015D2D Offloading: 基於 SDN 與 Wi-Fi Direct 的新方法與實作葉峻宇; 陳志成; Yeh, Chun-Yu; Chen, Jyh-Cheng; 網路工程研究所
2012D6AC鋼經旋形加工與電子束銲接之製程研究陳天一; Chen, Tian-Yi; 周長彬; Chou, Chang-Ping; 機械工程學系
2002DAB系統同步技術之研究潘建宏; Chien-Hung Pan; 李大嵩; Dr. Ta-Sung Lee; 電機學院電信學程
1-Apr-2020DAD-FF: Hardening Designs by Delay-Adjustable D-Flip-Flop for Soft-Error-Rate ReductionLin, Dave Y. -W.; Wen, Charles H. -P.; 電機工程學系; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2017DAGS-一個整合多種系統型資料的新穎方法用於探討糖尿病與登革熱共病症的機制巫思穎; 楊進木; Wu, Szu-Ying; Yang, Jinn-Moon; 生物科技學系
1-Jan-2004A daily production model for wafer fabricationPai, PF; Lee, CE; Su, TH; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
1-Apr-2008Dam overtopping risk assessment considering inspection programKuo, Jan-Tai; Hsu, Yung-Chia; Tung, Yeou-Koung; Yeh, Keh-Chia; Wu, Jian-De; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
2006A damage detection approach considering the stiffhess and mass variationsLin, R. J.; Cheng, F. P.; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
1-Jan-2014Damage Detection of Structures Identified with Deterministic-Stochastic Models Using Seismic DataHuang, Ming-Chih; Wang, Yen-Po; Chang, Ming-Lian; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
2005Damage detection of structures using unsupervised fuzzy neural networkWen, CM; Hung, SL; Huang, CS; Jan, JC; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering