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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Analysis of Learning Achievement and Teacher-Student Interactions in Flipped and Conventional ClassroomsSun, Jerry Chih-Yuan; Wu, Yu-Ting; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
1-May-2017The effect of the flipped classroom approach to OpenCourseWare instruction on students' self-regulationSun, Jerry Chih-Yuan; Wu, Yu-Ting; Lee, Wei-I; 教育研究所; 電子物理學系; Institute of Education; Department of Electrophysics
1-Feb-2018Evaluation of the Role of Deep Trap State Using Analytical Model in the Program/Erase Cycling of NAND Flash Memory and Its Process DependenceYang, Bo-Jun; Wu, Yu-Ting; Chiu, Yung-Yueh; Kuo, Tse-Mien; Chang, Jung-Ho; Wang, Pin-Yao; Shirota, Riichiro; 電信工程研究所; Institute of Communications Engineering
1-Jan-1970Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Bonding in Non-vacuum Atmosphere with Thin Gold Capping on Highly (111) Oriented Nanotwinned CopperWu, Yu-Ting; Chen, Chih; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Jan-2019Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding with thin gold capping on Highly-orientated Nanotwinned Cu FilmsChen, Fu-Chian; Wu, Yu-Ting; Chen, Chih; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1995一個以Quorum為基礎的複本控制演算法吳昱亭; Wu, Yu-Ting; 袁賢銘; Shyan-Ming Yuan; 資訊科學與工程研究所
2013不同氧化劑對混沉程序移除藻類及錳之影響吳羽婷; Wu, Yu-Ting; 黃志彬; Huang, Chih-Pin; 環境工程系所
2015交大課程與學習地圖的平臺設計吳妤庭; Wu, Yu-Ting; 黎漢林; Li, Han-Lin; 資訊管理研究所
2008以光源對物體可見度為導向之重要性取樣法吳昱霆; Wu, Yu-Ting; 施仁忠; Shih, Zen-Chung; 多媒體工程研究所
2016快閃記憶體元件抹寫週期可靠度中續航力與操作電壓及氧化製程之關係吳昱廷; 白田理一郎; Wu, Yu-Ting; Riichiro, Shirota; 電信工程研究所