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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2013EEG-Based Learning System for Online Motion Sickness Level Estimation in a Dynamic Vehicle EnvironmentLin, Chin-Teng; Tsai, Shu-Fang; Ko, Li-Wei; 生物資訊及系統生物研究所; 資訊工程學系; 腦科學研究中心; Institude of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology; Department of Computer Science; Brain Research Center
2013EEG-based Motion Sickness Classification system with Genetic Feature SelectionKo, Li-Wei; Lee, Hua-Chin; Tsai, Shu-Fang; Shih, Tsung-Chin; Chuang, Ya-Ting; Huang, Hui-Ling; Ho, Shinn-Ying; Lin, Chin-Teng; 生物科技學系; Department of Biological Science and Technology
2012Motion Sickness Estimation SystemLin, Chin-Teng; Tsai, Shu-Fang; Lee, Hua-Chin; Huang, Hui-Lin; Ho, Shinn-Ying; Ko, Li-Wei; 生物資訊及系統生物研究所; 資訊工程學系; Institude of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology; Department of Computer Science
2012Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation System for Improvement of Flight Orientation in a VR-based Motion EnvironmentYang, Shiau-Ru; Chen, Shi-An; Tsai, Shu-Fang; Lin, Chin-Teng; 電機工程學系; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1-Apr-2014Wireless and Wearable EEG System for Evaluating Driver VigilanceLin, Chin-Teng; Chuang, Chun-Hsiang; Huang, Chih-Sheng; Tsai, Shu-Fang; Lu, Shao-Wei; Chen, Yen-Hsuan; Ko, Li-Wei; 生物科技學系; 資訊工程學系; 電控工程研究所; 腦科學研究中心; Department of Biological Science and Technology; Department of Computer Science; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering; Brain Research Center
2015基於腦波信號分析之乘車動暈程度評估機器學習系統蔡淑芳; Tsai, Shu-Fang; 林進燈; 柯立偉; Lin,Chin-Teng; Ko, Li-Wei; 資訊科學與工程研究所