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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2008Application of physical vapor deposition process to modify activated carbon fibers for ozone reductionLin, Yu-Chih; Chang, Chung-Liang; Lin, Tser-Sheng; Bai, Hsunling; Yan, Ming-Gu; Ko, Fu-Hsiang; Wu, Chia-Tien; Huang, Cheng-Hsiung; 環境工程研究所; 材料科學與工程學系奈米科技碩博班; Institute of Environmental Engineering; Graduate Program of Nanotechnology , Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Jul-2009Applying spray pyrolysis to synthesize MnO (x) for decomposing isopropyl alcohol in ozone- and thermal-catalytic oxidationChang, Chung-Liang; Lin, Yu-Chih; Bai, Hsunling; Liu, Yu-Huei; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering
1-Oct-2013Applying Surface Charge Attraction to Synthesizing TiO2/Ag Composition for VOCs PhotodegradationLin, Yu-Chih; Bai, Hsunling; Lin, Chia-Hsin; Wu, Jin-Fang; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering
1-Jul-2007Cushioning the pressure vibration of a zeolite concentrator system using a decoupled balancing duct systemChang, Feng-Tang; Lin, Yu-Chih; 工學院; College of Engineering
1-Jun-2020Engineering stable Pt nanoparticles and oxygen vacancies on defective TiO2 via introducing strong electronic metal-support interaction for efficient CO2 photoreductionLin, Liang-Yi; Kavadiya, Shalinee; He, Xiang; Wang, Wei-Ning; Karakocak, Bedia Begum; Lin, Yu-Chih; Berezin, Mikhail Y.; Biswas, Pratim; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering
2011Human Recognition Based on Kinematics and Kinetics of GaitLin, Yu-Chih; Yang, Bing-Shiang; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Yang, Yi-Ting; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
30-May-2009Optimizing operating parameters of a honeycomb zeolite rotor concentrator for processing TFT-LCD volatile organic compounds with competitive adsorption characteristicsLin, Yu-Chih; Chang, Feng-Tang; 工學院; College of Engineering
2009People Recognition by Kinematics and Kinetics of GaitLin, Yu-Chih; Yang, Bing-Shiang; Yang, Yi-Ting; 機械工程學系; 腦科學研究中心; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Brain Research Center
2010不同決策程序系統下依附感相關效應之探討林幼芝; Lin, Yu-Chih; 任維廉; Jen, William; 運輸與物流管理學系
1997選擇性觸媒還原法脫硝技術應用於台灣地區經濟可行性之研究林育旨; Lin, Yu-Chih; 白曛綾; Bai, Hsun-Ling; 環境工程系所