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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Evaluation and Application of the Strand-Specific Protocol for Next-Generation SequencingTsai, Kuo-Wang; Chang, Bill; Pan, Cheng-Tsung; Lin, Wei-Chen; Chen, Ting-Wen; Li, Sung-Chou; 生物資訊及系統生物研究所; Institude of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
2014miRSeq: A User-Friendly Standalone Toolkit for Sequencing Quality Evaluation and miRNA ProfilingPan, Cheng-Tsung; Tsai, Kuo-Wang; Hung, Tzu-Min; Lin, Wei-Chen; Pan, Chao-Yu; Yu, Hong-Ren; Li, Sung-Chou; 生物資訊及系統生物研究所; Institude of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
18-Jan-2019Single-Step Per-O-Sulfonation of Sugar Oligomers with Concomitant 1,6-Anhydro Bridge Formation for Binding Fibroblast Growth FactorsYeh, Che-Jui; Ku, Chiao-Chu; Lin, Wei-Chen; Fan, Chiao-Yuan; Zulueta, Medel Manuel L.; Manabe, Yoshiyuki; Fukase, Koichi; Li, Yaw-Kuen; Hung, Shang-Cheng; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
2014Synthesis of Petal-Like Carbon Nanocapsule@MnO2 Core-Shell Particles and Their Application in SupercapacitorsLee, Ting-Ting; Hong, Jing-Ru; Lin, Wei-Chen; Hu, Chi-Chang; Wu, Pu-Wei; Li, Yuan-Yao; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
2010平行運算用於即時套利策略交易系統林威辰; Lin, Wei-Chen; 戴天時; 吳慶堂; Dai, Tian-Shyr; Wu, Ching-Tang; 應用數學系數學建模與科學計算碩士班
2012重筆觸塗抹之粉蠟筆繪圖風格模擬林瑋宸; Lin, Wei-Chen; 林正中; Lin, Cheng-Chung; 資訊科學與工程研究所