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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Deep Learning-Constructed Joint Transmission-Recognition for Internet of ThingsLee, Chia-Han; Lin, Jia-Wei; Chen, Po-Hao; Chang, Yu-Chieh; 電信工程研究所; Institute of Communications Engineering
1-Jun-2019A finite element based fast eigensolver for three dimensional anisotropic photonic crystalsChou, So-Hsiang; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Li, Tiexiang; Lin, Jia-Wei; Lin, Wen-Wei; 應用數學系; Department of Applied Mathematics
1-Jan-2019NV-BNN: An Accurate Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based on Binary STT-MRAM for Adaptive AI EdgeChang, Chih-Chcng; Wu, Ming-Hung; Lin, Jia-Wei; Li, Chun-Hsien; Parmar, Vivek; Lee, Heng-Yuan; Wei, Jeng-Hua; Sheu, Shyh-Shyuan; Suri, Manan; Chang, Tian-Sheuan; Hou, Tuo-Hung; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
6-May-2020Structure-Preserving Methods for Computing Complex Band Structures of Three Dimensional Photonic CrystalsHuang, Tsung-Ming; Li, Tiexiang; Lin, Jia-Wei; Lin, Wen-Wei; Tian, Heng; 應用數學系; Department of Applied Mathematics
15-Dec-2012Synthesis of novel dithienothiophene- and 2,7-carbazole-based conjugated polymers and H-bonded effects on electrochromic and photovoltaic propertiesFang, Hsiao-Ping; Lin, Jia-Wei; Chiang, I-Hung; Chu, Chih-Wei; Wei, Kung-Hwa; Lin, Hong-Cheu; 材料科學與工程學系; 光電工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Department of Photonics
2017改善砷化銦鎵金氧半場效電晶體及鰭式電晶體元件之源極與汲極特性研究林家緯; 李建平; 黃國威; Lin, Jia-Wei; Lee, Chien-Ping; Huang, Guo-Wei; 電子研究所
2016非對稱規格區間下指標Cpk"的近似不偏估計量林家緯; 彭文理; Lin, Jia-Wei; Pearn, Wen-Lea; 工業工程與管理系所