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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2020Attention and Functional Connectivity Among Patients With Early-Stage Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Disease and Alzheimer's DiseaseTu, Min-Chien; Hsu, Yen-Hsuan; Yang, Jir-Jei; Huang, Wen-Hui; Deng, Jie Fu; Lin, Shih-Yen; Lin, Chien-Yuan; Kuo, Li-Wei; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
1-Nov-2019Effects of signal averaging, gradient encoding scheme, and spatial resolution on diffusion kurtosis imaging: An empirical study using 7T MRIChiang, Chia-Wen; Lin, Shih-Yen; Cho, Kuan-Hung; Wu, Kuo-Jen; Wang, Yun; Kuo, Li-Wei; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
6-Jun-2019Functional Correlates of Resting-State Connectivity in the Default Mode Network of Heroin Users on Methadone Treatment and Medication-Free Therapeutic Community ProgramKuo, Li-Wei; Lin, Pei-Sheng; Lin, Shih-Yen; Liu, Ming-Fang; Jan, Hengtai; Lee, Hsin-Chien; Wang, Sheng-Chang; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
1-May-2019Investigation of functional brain network reconfiguration during vocal emotional processing using graph-theoretical analysisLin, Shih-Yen; Lee, Chi-Chun; Chen, Yong-Sheng; Kuo, Li-Wei; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
22-Jul-2015Multifunctional 3D Patternable Drug-Embedded Nanocarrier-Based Interfaces to Enhance Signal Recording and Reduce Neuron Degeneration in Neural ImplantationHuang, Wei-Chen; Lai, Hsin-Yi; Kuo, Li-Wei; Liao, Chia-Hsin; Chang, Po-Hsieh; Liu, Ta-Chung; Chen, San-Yuan; Chen, You-Yin; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Jan-2019Multiparametric graph theoretical analysis reveals altered structural and functional network topology in Alzheimer's diseaseLin, Shih-Yen; Lin, Chen-Pei; Hsieh, Tsung-Jen; Lin, Chung-Fen; Chen, Sih-Huei; Chao, Yi-Ping; Chen, Yong-Sheng; Hsu, Chih-Cheng; Kuo, Li-Wei; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
2015字典式壓縮感測之快速擴散頻譜磁振造影技術吳伊婷; Wu, Yi-Ting; 陳永昇; 郭立威; Chen, Yong-Sheng; Kuo, Li-Wei; 生醫工程研究所