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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Field-Programmable Lab-on-a-Chip with Built-in Self-Test Circuit and Low-Power Sensor-Fusion Solution in 0.35 mu m Standard CMOS ProcessLai, Kelvin Yi-Tse; Shiu, Ming-Feng; Lu, Yi-Wen; Ho, Yingchieh; Kao, Yu-Chi; Yang, Yu-Tao; Wang, Gary; Liu, Keng-Ming; Chang, Hsie-Chia; Lee, Chen-Yi; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
Apr-2016High-resolution depth and coastline over major atolls of South China Sea from satellite altimetry and imageryHsiao, Yu-Shen; Hwang, Cheinway; Cheng, Yung-Sheng; Chen, Liang-Chien; Hsu, Hung-Jui; Tsai, Jung-Huo; Liu, Chien-Liang; Wang, Ching-Chieh; Liu, Ya-Chi; Kao, Yu-Chi; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
1-Apr-2011Preliminary Analysis of Lake Level and Water Storage Changes over Lakes Baikal and Balkhash from Satellite Altimetry and GravimetryHwang, Cheinway; Kao, Yu-Chi; Tangdamrongsub, Natthachet; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
1-Nov-2011Water storage loss in central and south Asia from GRACE satellite gravity: correlations with climate dataTangdamrongsub, Natthachet; Hwang, Cheinway; Kao, Yu-Chi; 土木工程學系; Department of Civil Engineering
2014應用於高解析度高能量效率之廣用型感測平台高郁琪; Kao, Yu-Chi; 張錫嘉; Chang, Hsie-Chia; 電子工程學系 電子研究所
2009測高與重力衛星資料應用於重力與水文變化高豫麒; Kao, Yu-Chi; 黃金維; Hwang, Chein-Way; 土木工程學系