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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2013Brain oscillation and connectivity during a chemistry visual working memory taskHuang, Li-Yu; She, Hsiao-Ching; Chou, Wen-Chi; Chuang, Ming-Hua; Duann, Jeng-Ren; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
1-Jan-1970EEG Dynamics Reflect the Distinct Cognitive Process of Optic Problem SolvingShe, Hsiao-Ching; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; Chou, Wen-Chi; Huang, Li-Yu; Wang, Chia-Yu; Lin, Guan-Yu; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
27-Jul-2012Encoding of Physics Concepts: Concreteness and Presentation Modality Reflected by Human Brain DynamicsLai, Kevin; She, Hsiao-Ching; Chen, Sheng-Chang; Chou, Wen-Chi; Huang, Li-Yu; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; Gramann, Klaus; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
3-Jun-2015Explore the Functional Connectivity between Brain Regions during a Chemistry Working Memory TaskChou, Wen-Chi; Duann, Jeng-Ren; She, Hsiao-Ching; Huang, Li-Yu; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
1-Apr-2019Eye fixation-related fronto-parietal neural network correlates of memory retrievalTsai, Pei-Yi; She, Hsiao-Ching; Chen, Sheng-Chang; Huang, Li-Yu; Chou, Wen-Chi; Duann, Jeng-Ren; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
1-Jan-2018The Impact of Problem-Solving Instruction on Middle School Students' Physical Science Learning: Interplays of Knowledge, Reasoning, and Problem SolvingCheng, Shu-Chuan; She, Hsiao-Ching; Huang, Li-Yu; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
1-Apr-2018Neural Oscillation Correlates Chemistry Decision-MakingHuang, Li-Yu; She, Hsiao-Ching; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; 教育研究所; Institute of Education
2008探討多重表徵之呈現方式對高中學生「熱膨脹」概念改變的認知歷程與腦波變化的影響黃莉郁; Huang, Li-Yu; 佘曉清; She, Hsiao-Ching; 教育研究所
2016探討遺傳概念相關溯因推理認知歷程之腦波動態與眼動模式黃莉郁; 佘曉清; Huang, Li-Yu; 教育研究所