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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2007Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy observations on the Berkovich indentation-induced deformation microstructures in GaN thin filmsChien, Chi-Hui; Jian, Sheng-Rui; Wang, Chung-Ting; Juang, Jenh-Yih; Huang, J. C.; Lai, Yi-Shao; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
8-Oct-2012Deformation behaviors of InP pillars under uniaxial compressionJian, Sheng-Rui; Sung, T. -H.; Huang, J. C.; Juang, Jenh-Yih; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
30-Jul-2018Enhanced electrical behavior from the galvanic effect in Ag-Cu alloy electrode conductive bridging resistive switching memoryTseng, Yi-Ting; Chen, I-Chieh; Chang, Ting-Chang; Huang, J. C.; Shih, Chih-Cheng; Zheng, Hao-Xuan; Chen, Wen-Chung; Wang, Ming-Hui; Huang, Wei-Chen; Chen, Min-Chen; Ma, Xiao-Hua; Hao, Yue; Sze, Simon M.; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
5-Mar-2015Hybrid Dendrimer/Semiconductor Nanostructures with Efficient Energy Transfer via Optical WaveguidingLin, T. N.; Huang, J. C.; Shen, J. L.; Chu, C. M.; Yeh, J. M.; Chen-Yang, Y. W.; Chiu, C. H.; Kuo, H. C.; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
25-Feb-2008Interfacial reactions of Pt-based Schottky contacts on nGaPChu, L. H.; Chang, E. Y.; Wu, Y. H.; Huang, J. C.; Chen, Q. Y.; Chu, W. K.; Seo, H. W.; Lee, C. T.; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Oct-2018Microstructure and elastic modulus evolution of TiTaNb alloysWei, T. Y.; Huang, J. C.; Chao, Chih-Yeh; Wei, L. L.; Tsai, M. T.; Chen, Y. H.; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
2007The nanoindentation responses of nickel surfaces with different crystal orientationsJu, S. -P.; Wang, C. -T.; Chien, C. -H.; Huang, J. C.; Jian, S. -R.; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
1-Dec-2010Nanoindentation-Induced Structural Deformation in GaN/AIN MultilayersJian, Sheng-Rui; Juang, Jenh-Yih; Chen, Nie-Chuan; Jang, Jason S. -C.; Huang, J. C.; Lai, Yi-Shao; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics