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20083_PRU並聯式機構系統在軌跡追蹤上的實驗分析周永祥; Zhou, Yong-Xiang; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
1-Jun-2008Force computation and continuous path tracking for hydraulic parallel manipulatorsChin, Jih-Hua; Sun, Yen-His; Cheng, Ming Cheng; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
2008Real-time interpolator and Contour Tracking in Link-space for a 3 DOF Parallel MechanismCheng, Yuan-Ming; Kuo, Chien-Hsun; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Mar-2007Strengths and weaknesses of finite element modeling deep hole drilling as compared with beam and column equationsChin, Jih-Hua; Sheu, Shou-Der; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-May-2007System gains configuration and coordination of redundant degrees of freedom by genetic algorithms for multi-axis machine system in manufacturingChin, Jih-Hua; Chen, Yu-Cheng; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Nov-2014Targeted suppression of vibration in deep hole drilling using magneto-rheological fluid damperKong, Lingfei; Chin, Jih-Hua; Li, Yan; Lu, Yanjun; Li, Pengyang; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Apr-2020Vibration suppression of drilling tool system during deep-hole drilling process using independence mode space controlKong, Lingfei; Cao, Shuai; Chin, Jih-Hua; Si, Yue; Miao, Falin; Li, Yan; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
2008以後輪操控強化車輛轉向穩定之研究黃建誠; Huang, Chien-Cheng; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
2008以田口氏方法與變異數分析探討貧油與制振下深孔鑽之加工品質陳進益; Chen, Chin-Yi; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
1996在化學機械研磨製程中機械性質之探討與分析康立杰; Kang, Lee-Chieh; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
2004平行式油壓平台力量控制的推導與實驗孫晏晞; Sun, Yen-Hsi; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
2008應用類神經網路預測安全閥彈簧之可靠度張威凱; Chang, Wei-Kai; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
2008整合田口方法與灰關聯分析於深孔鑽多重加工品質最佳化研究鄭才琳; Cheng, Tsai-Lin; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
1996漸開線型渦卷之交叉耦合預補償演算法林胡偉; Lin, Hu-Wai; 泰繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
2008簡易慣性導航系統對於軌跡預測之應用顏翊凡; Yen, I-Fan; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
1995脈波調頻控制法應用與雙缸油壓系統之同步性研究張亦舟; Chang, Yi-Chou; 泰繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系
2008貧油潤滑下深孔鑽刀桿受側向制振之行為研究陳重延; Chen, Chung-Yen; 秦繼華; Chin, Jih-Hua; 機械工程學系