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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A GA-Based Optimization for Frequency-Selective Scheduling in Downlink OFDMA Systems with Cyclic-Delay DiversityChen, Yu-Fan; Sheen, Wern-Ho; 傳播研究所; Institute of Communication Studies
2014Hybrid Protected Subframes Resource Allocation and Throughput Estimation in LTE-A HetNetChen, Yu-Fan; Ding, Wei-Shiou; Wang, Li-Chun; 電機學院; 電機工程學系; College of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2014Joint User Scheduling and Interference Alignment Beamforming in Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksChen, Yu-Fan; Wang, Li-Chun; Sheen, Wern-Ho; 電信工程研究所; Institute of Communications Engineering
2012A Low-Complexity CDD-based Frequency Selective Scheduling with Efficient Feedback for Downlink OFDMA SystemsChen, Yu-Fan; Sheen, Wern-Ho; Wang, Li-Chun; 傳播研究所; Institute of Communication Studies
1-May-2014Optimization of Cyclic-Delay Diversity Aided Frequency-Selective Scheduling in OFDMA Downlink SystemsChen, Yu-Fan; Sheen, Wern-Ho; Wang, Li-Chun; 電機資訊學士班; 電信工程研究所; Undergraduate Honors Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Institute of Communications Engineering
2016不同厚度鋅螫合物於介電質及金屬層上之光激螢光之研究陳昱帆; 安惠榮; Chen, Yu-Fan; Ahn, Hye-Young; 光電工程研究所
2013頻域與用戶域之排程技術於合作式多天線與多基地台之研究陳昱帆; Chen, Yu-Fan; 王蒞君; 沈文和; Wang, Li-Chun; Sheen, Wern-Ho; 電信工程研究所