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15-May-2008Cesium carbonate as a functional interlayer for polymer photovoltaic devicesChen, Fang-Chung; Wu, Jyh-Lih; Yang, Sidney S.; Hsieh, Kuo-Huang; Chen, Wen-Chang; 光電工程學系; 顯示科技研究所; Department of Photonics; Institute of Display
25-Mar-2013Electrospun Fibers as a Solid-State Real-Time Zinc Ion Sensor with High Sensitivity and Cell Medium CompatibilitySyu, Jia-Hao; Cheng, Yi-Kai; Hong, Wun-Yan; Wang, Hsing-Ping; Lin, Yu-Chao; Meng, Hsin-Fei; Zan, Hsiao-Wen; Horng, Sheng-Fu; Chang, Gao-Fong; Hung, Chen-Hsiung; Chiu, Yu-Cheng; Chen, Wen-Chang; Tsai, May-Jywan; Cheng, Henrich; 物理研究所; 光電工程學系; Institute of Physics; Department of Photonics
1-Jul-2009Flexible Polymer Photovoltaic Devices Prepared With Inverted Structures on Metal FoilsChen, Fang-Chung; Wu, Jyh-Lih; Lee, Chia-Ling; Huang, Wen-Che; Chen, Huang-Ming Philips; Chen, Wen-Chang; 光電工程學系; 顯示科技研究所; Department of Photonics; Institute of Display
1-Nov-2012Infrared proximity sensor using organic light-emitting diode with quantum dots converterChen, En-Chen; Yeh, Han-Cheng; Chao, Yu-Chiang; Meng, Hsin-Fei; Zan, Hsiao-Wen; Liang, Yun-Chi; Huang, Chin-Ping; Chen, Teng-Ming; Wang, Chih-Feng; Chueh, Chu-Chen; Chen, Wen-Chang; Horng, Sheng-Fu; 應用化學系; 物理研究所; 光電工程學系; Department of Applied Chemistry; Institute of Physics; Department of Photonics
1-Jan-2011Integrated semiconductor optoelectronic devices for real-time and indicator-free detection of aqueous nitric oxideWang, Shin-Ping; Cheng, Yi-Kai; Chao, Yu-Chiang; Zan, Hsiao-Wen; Chang, Gao-Fong; Meng, Hsin-Fei; Hung, Chen-Hsiung; Chen, Wen-Chang; 物理研究所; 光電工程學系; Institute of Physics; Department of Photonics
1-Jun-2010New Thiophene-Phenylene-Thiophene Acceptor Random Conjugated Copolymers for Optoelectronic ApplicationsTsai, Jung-Hsun; Chueh, Chu-Chen; Chen, Wen-Chang; Yu, Chao-Ying; Hwang, Gue-Wuu; Ting, Ching; Chen, En-Chen; Meng, Hsin-Fei; 物理研究所; Institute of Physics
15-Mar-2009Non-fluorinated superamphiphobic surfaces through sol-gel processing of methyltriethoxysilane and tetraethoxysilaneSheen, Yuung-Ching; Chang, Wei-Hsuan; Chen, Wen-Chang; Chang, Yih-Her; Huang, Yuan-Chang; Chang, Feng-Chih; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
1-Aug-2011Polymer infrared photo-detector with high sensitivity up to 1100 nmChen, En-Chen; Tseng, Shin-Rong; Chao, Yu-Chiang; Meng, Hsin-Fei; Wang, Chih-Feng; Chen, Wen-Chang; Hsu, Chian-Shu; Horng, Sheng-Fu; 應用化學系; 物理研究所; Department of Applied Chemistry; Institute of Physics
1-Dec-2008Polymer photovoltaic devices with highly transparent cathodesChen, Fang-Chung; Wu, Jyh-Lih; Hsieh, Kuo-Huang; Chen, Wen-Chang; Lee, Shih-Wei; 光電工程學系; 顯示科技研究所; Department of Photonics; Institute of Display
1-Aug-2010Synthesis and characterization of well-dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotube/low-bandgap poly(3,4-alkoxythiophene) nanocompositesLiu, Cheng-Dar; Shu, De-Yu; Tsao, Ching-Ting; Han, Jin-Lin; Tsai, Feng-Yu; Chen, Fang-Chung; Chen, Wen-Chang; Hsieh, Kuo-Huang; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Feb-2009Synthesis and Properties of New Dialkoxyphenylene Quinoxaline-Based Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers and Their Applications on Thin Film Transistors and Solar CellsLai, Mei-Hsiu; Chueh, Chu-Chen; Chen, Wen-Chang; Wu, Jyh-Lih; Chen, Fang-Chung; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Apr-2013Toward High-Performance Semi-Transparent Polymer Solar Cells: Optimization of Ultra-Thin Light Absorbing Layer and Transparent Cathode ArchitectureChueh, Chu-Chen; Chien, Shang-Chieh; Yip, Hin-Lap; Salinas, Jose Francisco; Li, Chang-Zhi; Chen, Kung-Shih; Chen, Fang-Chung; Chen, Wen-Chang; Jen, Alex K. -Y; 光電工程學系; 顯示科技研究所; Department of Photonics; Institute of Display
1-May-2013Very small photoluminescent gold nanoparticles for multimodality biomedical imagingLai, Sheng-Feng; Chien, Chia-Chi; Chen, Wen-Chang; Chen, Hsiang-Hsin; Chen, Yi-Yun; Wang, Cheng-Liang; Hwu, Y.; Yang, C. S.; Chen, C. Y.; Liang, K. S.; Petibois, Cyril; Tan, Hui-Ru; Tok, Eng-Soon; Margaritondo, G.; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics