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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20133D 影像之立體感與舒適度探討林智祥; Lin, Chih-Hsiang; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2012CHARACTERISTIC COLOR USE IN DIFFERENT FILM GENRESChen, I-Ping; Wu, Fang-Yi; Lin, Chih-Hsiang; 應用藝術研究所; Institute of Applied Arts
1-Oct-2010Colour Appearance Shifts in Two Different-Sized Viewing ConditionsHsieh, Tsuei-Ju; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所; Institute of Applied Arts
1-Jun-2011EFFECT OF DISPLAY SIZE ON VISUAL ATTENTIONChen, I-Ping; Liao, Chia-Ning; Yeh, Shih-Hao; 應用藝術研究所; 工業工程與管理學系; Institute of Applied Arts; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
1-Jan-2018Enhancing Understanding through the Use of Structured RepresentationsLee, Chun-Yi; Lei, Kin Hang; Chen, Ming-Jang; Tso, Tai-Yih; Chen, I-Ping; 交大名義發表; National Chiao Tung University
7-Aug-2015Experiencing affective music in eyes-closed and eyes-open states: an electroencephalography studyChang, Yun-Hsuan; Lee, You-Yun; Liang, Keng-Chen; Chen, I-Ping; Tsai, Chen-Gia; Hsieh, Shulan; 應用藝術研究所; Institute of Applied Arts
Apr-2016How Universal Are Universal Symbols? An Estimation of Cross-Cultural Adoption of Universal Healthcare SymbolsLo, Chih-Wei Joy; Yien, Huey-Wen; Chen, I-Ping; 交大名義發表; National Chiao Tung University
2008LOMO攝影特殊色調之色彩特徵研究劉倩雯; Liu, Chien-Wen; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
1-May-2019Primary Drivers of Willingness to Continue to Participate in Community-Based Health Screening for Chronic DiseasesChien, Shih-Ying; Chuang, Ming-Chuen; Chen, I-Ping; Yu, Peter H.; 應用藝術研究所; Institute of Applied Arts
1-Jul-2015Relaxation and Executive Control Processes in Listeners: An Exploratory Study of Music-Induced Transient Suppression of Skin Conductance ResponsesTsai, Chen-Gia; Yang, Chien-Ming; Chen, Chien-Chung; Chen, I-Ping; Liang, Keng-Cheng; 應用藝術研究所; Institute of Applied Arts
2017不願甦醒的沉睡——關係中的我李沁珊; 賴雯淑; 陳一平; Lee,Qin-Shan; Lai,Wen-shu; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2009中文色彩詞彙及語言色彩類別空間謝翠如; Hsieh, Tsuei-Ju; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2014以色彩作為應用程式管理策略之探討邱品惠; Chiu, Ping-Hui; 陳一平; 謝翠如; Chen, I-Ping; Hsieh, Tsuei-Ju; 應用藝術研究所
2006台灣音樂學習者演出焦慮之現況與管理概念之調查閻亭如; Yen, Ting-Ju; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 音樂研究所
2011哈囉!!臺灣歐陽佩君; Ou Yang, Pei-Chun; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2013在五樓到頂樓之前羅兆恆; Luo, Zhao-Heng; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2015在學學生創業之行動研究-以VUSE經營團隊為例張志超; Chang, Chih-Chao; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2008寫實繪畫行為的認知與動作分析陳俊安; Chen, Chun-An; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2012意識之探—自動性繪畫與自我的對話楊宜娟; Yang, Yi-Jiuan; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所
2010書報攤陳盈蓁; Chen, Ying-Chen; 陳一平; Chen, I-Ping; 應用藝術研究所