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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2014DIFFERENTIATION OF NEURAL STEM/PROGENITOR CELLS USING LOW-INTENSITY ULTRASOUNDLee, I-Chi; Lo, Tsu-Lin; Young, Tai-Horng; Li, Yi-Chen; Chen, Nelson G.; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Chang, Ying-Chih; 交大名義發表; 電機資訊學士班; National Chiao Tung University; Undergraduate Honors Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
19-Dec-2017ESI MS for Microsized BioparticlesOzdemir, Abdil; Lin, Jung-Lee; Gulfen, Mustafa; Lai, Szu-Hsueh; Hsiao, Chun-Jen; Chen, Nelson G.; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
13-Oct-2008Integrated multiple multi-photon imaging and Raman spectroscopy for characterizing structure-constituent correlation of tissuesJhan, Jhen-Wei; Chang, Wei-Tien; Chen, Hung-Che; Lee, Yu-Tsung; Wu, Ming-Fang; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Liau, Ian; 應用化學系; 應用化學系分子科學碩博班; Department of Applied Chemistry; Institute of Molecular science
27-Dec-2016Interleukin-18 deteriorates Fabry cardiomyopathy and contributes to the development of left ventricular hypertrophy in Fabry patients with GLA IVS4+919 G>A mutationChien, Yueh; Chien, Chian-Shiu; Chiang, Huai-Chih; Huang, Wei-Lin; Chou, Shih-Jie; Chang, Wei-Chao; Chang, Yuh-Lih; Leu, Hsin-Bang; Chen, Kuan-Hsuan; Wang, Kang-Ling; Lai, Ying-Hsiu; Liu, Yung-Yang; Lu, Kai-Hsi; Li, Hsin-Yang; Sung, Yen-Jen; Jong, Yuh-Jyh; Chen, Yann-Jang; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Yu, Wen-Chung; 生物科技學院; College of Biological Science and Technology
1-Jan-2017Investigation of nanoparticle-assisted ultrasound therapy for treating implanted breast tumors in miceKosheleva, Olga; Lai, Tsung-Ching; Chan, Yung-Chieh; Hsiao, Michael; Ng, Shok-Li; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Chen, Nelson G.; 分子醫學與生物工程研究所; Institute of Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering
14-Jun-2016Selective killing of cancer cells by nanoparticle-assisted ultrasoundKosheleva, Olga K.; Lai, Tsung-Ching; Chen, Nelson G.; Hsiao, Michael; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; 生醫工程研究所; Institute of Biomedical Engineering