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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Oil defect detection of Electrowetting DisplayChiang, Hou-Chi; Tsai, Yu-Hsiang; Yan, Yung-Jhe; Huang, Ting-Wei; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電機工程學系; 電控工程研究所; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
2012Portable noninvasive system for oral cancer diagnosisYang, Chin-Siang; Ou-Yang, Mang; Hsieh, Yao-Fang; Chen, Yu-Ta; Chiou, Jin-Chern; Duann, Jeng-Ren; Tsai, Ming-Hsui; Wu, Shun-De; Lee, Cheng-Chung; 電控工程研究所; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
1-Jan-2013A recognition method in holographic data storage system by using structural similarityChen, Yu-Ta; Ou-Yang, Mang; Lee, Cheng-Chung; 電機工程學系; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
10-Oct-2014Research of accommodative microfluctuations caused by visual fatigue based on liquid crystal and laser displaysJeng, Wei-De; Ouyang, Yuan; Huang, Ting-Wei; Duann, Jeng-Ren; Chiou, Jin-Chern; Tang, Yu-Shun; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電機資訊學士班; Undergraduate Honors Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
1-Jan-2009Research of the chromaticity coordinates and color spectrum calibration using tristimulus sensors and eigenspectrum methodOu-Yang, Mang; Huang, Ting-Wei; Hsieh, Yao-Fang; Kuob, Yi-Ting; 應用藝術研究所; Institute of Applied Arts
1-Dec-2013Separating spectral mixtures in hyperspectral image data using independent component analysis: validation with oral cancer tissue sectionsDuann, Jeng-Ren; Jan, Chia-Ing; Ou-Yang, Mang; Lin, Chia-Yi; Mo, Jen-Feng; Lin, Yung-Jiun; Tsai, Ming-Hsui; Chiou, Jin-Chern; 電機工程學系; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2017Sigmoid函數對修正色彩分佈指標影響之研究鄭浩志; 歐陽盟; Chiang, Hou-Chi; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電機工程學系
1-Jan-2016A wearable infrared videopupillography with multi-stimulation of consistent illumination for binocular pupil responseOu-Yang, Mang; Lan, Ko Mei; Tsai, Yi-Chun; Chiou, Jin-Chern; Huang, Ting-Wei; 電機工程學系; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2013以單一氣體感測器偵測多種氣體之演算法開發洪偉哲; Hung, Wei-Che; 邱俊誠; 歐陽盟; Chiou, Jin-Chern; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電機工程學系
2011內視鏡之色彩影像校正賴建成; Lai, Chien-Cheng; 歐陽盟; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2012利用單步驟下壓法組裝之抬起式垂直梳狀靜電致動雙軸微掃描鏡之設計、製作及組裝吳彥霆; Wu, Yan-Ting; 邱一; 歐陽盟; Chiu, Yi; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2012利用嵌入式繼光鏡顯微超頻譜影像系統進行口腔癌檢測陳誌賢; Chen, Chih-Hsien; 歐陽盟; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2013利用立體顯示器探討視調節微顫動與眼壓對於視覺疲勞之研究陶冠亨; Tao, Kuan-Heng; 歐陽盟; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電機工程學系
2015可攜帶式瞳孔量測儀之研究寸碧秀; Sone, Bi-Shon; 歐陽盟; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2017可見光與近紅外光波段之高光譜影像系統研製: 皮膚病與農業4.0之應用為例張兆鑫; 歐陽盟; Chang, Chao-Hsin; Ou-Yang, Mang; 生醫工程研究所
2013基於超頻譜影像系統分類上皮組織與固有層實現黏膜組織癌症檢測李幸璁; Li, Sing-Tsung; 歐陽盟; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2017多相依原色之色域邊界之實證廖澄遠; 歐陽盟; Liao, Chen-Yuan; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電機學院電機與控制學程
2014彎刀鋸齒形遮罩之弦波式光學旋轉編碼器之模擬與分析陳胤源; Chen, Yin-Yuan; 歐陽盟; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2017手指復健機之研發黃茂修; 歐陽盟; Huang, Mao-Hsiu; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所
2016精密定位編碼器之光學感測器設計與驗證何政霖; 歐陽盟; He, Zheng-Lin; Ou-Yang, Mang; 電控工程研究所