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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2019Medical Image Segmentation with Adjustable Computational Complexity Using Data Density FunctionalsChen, Chien-Chang; Tsai, Meng-Yuan; Kao, Ming-Ze; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; 丘成桐中心; Institute of Statistics; Shing-Tung Yau Center
15-Jul-2006Method for identifying transcription factor binding sites in yeastTsai, Huai-Kuang; Huang, Grace Tzu-Wei; Chou, Meng-Yuan; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Li, Wen-Hsiung; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Jul-2008MicroPET reconstruction with random coincidence correction via a joint Poisson modelChen, Tai-Been; Chen, Jyh-Cheng; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Liu, Ren-Shyan; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
4-Apr-2008Multidimensional scaling for large genomic data setsTzeng, Jengnan; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Li, Wen-Hsiung; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Jun-2010Natural selection on cis and trans regulation in yeastsEmerson, J. J.; Hsieh, Li-Ching; Sung, Huang-Mo; Wang, Tzi-Yuan; Huang, Chih-Jen; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Lu, Mei-Yeh Jade; Wu, Shu-Hsing; Li, Wen-Hsiung; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
2012Non-linear Pseudo-Random Number Generators via Coupling DX Generators with the Logistic MapLi, Chung-Yi; Chou, Hwai-Pwu; Deng, Lih-Yuan; Shiau, Jyh-Jen Horng; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Aug-2009A Novel Statistical Method for Automatically Partitioning Tools According to Engineers' Tolerance Control in Process ImprovementTu, Kevin Kai-Wen; Lee, Jack Chao-sheng; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; 資訊管理與財務金融系 註:原資管所+財金所; Institute of Statistics; Department of Information Management and Finance
1-Jan-2017Online Multiclass Passive-Aggressive Learning on a Fixed BudgetWu, Chung-Hao; Hsi, Wei-Chen; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Hang, Hsueh-Ming; 統計學研究所; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Institute of Statistics; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
6-Oct-2016Phylogenetic tree construction using trinucleotide usage profile (TUP)Chen, Si; Deng, Lih-Yuan; Bowman, Dale; Shiau, Jyh-Jen Horng; Wong, Tit-Yee; Madahian, Behrouz; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Jan-2019Reversed ophthalmic artery flow following ischemic stroke: a possible predictor of outcomes following carotid artery stentingLin, Chih-Ming; Liu, Chi-Kuang; Chang, Yu-Jun; Chen, Wei-Liang; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; 大數據研究中心; Institute of Statistics; Big Data Res Ctr
1-Jan-2016Role of Extracranial Carotid Duplex and Computed Tomography Perfusion Scanning in Evaluating Perfusion Status of Pericarotid StentingLin, Chih-Ming; Chang, Yu-Jun; Liu, Chi-Kuang; Yu, Cheng-Sheng; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 生物科技學院; 統計學研究所; College of Biological Science and Technology; Institute of Statistics
1-Aug-2018Secure and Fast Encryption (SAFE) with Classical Random Number GeneratorsDeng, Lih-Yuan; Shiau, Jyh-Jen Horng; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Bowman, Dale; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
2012Segmentation of 3D microPET images of the rat brain via the hybrid gaussian mixture method with kernel density estimationChen, Tai-Been; Chen, Jyh-Cheng; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Dec-2008Segmentation of cDNA microarray images by kernel density estimationChen, Tai-Been; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Lee, Yun-Shien; Lan, Hsiu-Jen; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
9-Dec-2016A Sliced Inverse Regression (SIR) Decoding the Forelimb Movement from Neuronal Spikes in the Rat Motor CortexYang, Shih-Hung; Chen, You-Yin; Lin, Sheng-Huang; Liao, Lun-De; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Wang, Ching-Fu; Chen, Po-Chuan; Lo, Yu-Chun; Dat Phan, Thanh; Chao, Hsiang-Ya; Lin, Hui-Ching; Lai, Hsin-Yi; Huang, Wei-Chen; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Jun-2012STATISTICAL PREDICTION OF EMOTIONAL STATES BY PHYSIOLOGICAL SIGNALS WITH MANOVA AND MACHINE LEARNINGChueh, Tung-Hung; Chen, Tai-Been; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Ju, Shan-Shan; Tao, Teh-Ho; Shaw, Jiunn-Haur; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-May-2014String-averaging expectation-maximization for maximum likelihood estimation in emission tomographyHelou, Elias Salomao; Censor, Yair; Chen, Tai-Been; Chern, I-Liang; De Pierro, Alvaro Rodolfo; Jiang, Ming; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 數學建模與科學計算所(含中心); 統計學研究所; Graduate Program of Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing, Department of Applied Mathematics; Institute of Statistics
Jul-2016Sufficient dimension reduction with additional informationHung, Hung; Liu, Chih-Yen; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
11-Jan-2018Unsupervised Learning and Pattern Recognition of Biological Data Structures with Density Functional Theory and Machine LearningChen, Chien-Chang; Juan, Hung-Hui; Tsai, Meng-Yuan; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
2011互動式故事敘說應用在反霸凌教育之研究蔡明昆; 曾憲雄; 盧鴻興; Tseng, Shian-Shyong; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; 理學院科技與數位學習學程