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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Development of novel cascade structure for improving stroke of electrostatic comb-drive actuatorChiou, J. C.; Kuo, C. F.; Lin, Y. J.; Chang, C. W.; Hou, K. C.; 交大名義發表; National Chiao Tung University
1-Jun-2018The Impact of the Shallow-Trench Isolation Effect on Flicker Noise of Source Follower MOSFETs in a CMOS Image SensorFan, C. C.; Chiu, Y. C.; Liu, C.; Lai, W. W.; Cheng, C. H.; Lin, D. L.; Li, G. R.; Lo, Y. H.; Chang, C. W.; Tsai, C. C.; Chang, C. Y.; 電子物理學系; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electrophysics; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
15-Sep-2015Interruption-free growth of 10 mu m-thick GaN film prepared on sputtered AlN/PSS template by hydride vapor phase epitaxyChen, Y. A.; Kuo, C. H.; Wu, J. P.; Chang, C. W.; 照明與能源光電研究所; Institute of Lighting and Energy Photonics
1-Feb-2010Microwave-induced DC currents in mesoscopic structuresLi, L. C.; Sung, Y. T.; Chang, C. W.; Suen, Y. W.; Chen, K. Y.; Liang, C. T.; Chen, Y. F.; Lee, B. C.; Lee, C. P.; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; 奈米科技中心; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics; Center for Nanoscience and Technology
2009Surface-Mounted Dry Electrode and Analog-Front-End Systems for Physiological Signal MeasurementsChang, C. W.; Chiou, J. C.; 電控工程研究所; Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering
Sep-2016Uncertainty Assessment of Non-normal Emission Estimates Using Non-Parametric Bootstrap Confidence IntervalsTong, L. I.; Saminathan, R.; Chang, C. W.; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management