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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2019Jump Detection and Noise Separation by a Singular Wavelet Method for Predictive Analytics of High-Frequency DataChen, Yi-Ting; Lai, Wan-Ni; Sun, Edward W.; 資訊學院; College of Computer Science
1-Apr-2012MOBILITY MANAGEMENT OF UNICAST SERVICES FOR WIRELESS ACCESS IN VEHICULAR ENVIRONMENTSHuang-Fu, Chien-Chun; Lin, Yi-Bing; Alrajeh, Nabil; 資訊學院; 資訊工程學系; College of Computer Science; Department of Computer Science
1-Mar-2012Nonlinear System Control Using Functional-Link-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Network Model Embedded with Modified Particle Swarm OptimizerSu, Miin-Tsair; Lin, Chin-Teng; Hsu, Sheng-Chih; Li, Dong-Lin; Lin, Cheng-Jian; Chen, Cheng-Hung; 資訊學院; 電機工程學系; College of Computer Science; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1-Aug-2018Risk Assessment with Wavelet Feature Engineering for High-Frequency Portfolio TradingChen, Yi-Ting; Sun, Edward W.; Yu, Min-Teh; 資訊學院; College of Computer Science
1-Mar-2011Unified theory of symmetry for two-dimensional complex polynomials using delta discrete-time operatorKhoo, I. -Hung; Reddy, Hari C.; Rajan, P. K.; 資訊學院; College of Computer Science
Feb-2016交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Aug-2013交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Aug-2012交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Dec-2015交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Jun-2015交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Nov-2012交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Aug-2014交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院
Mar-2014交大資訊人College of Computer Science; 資訊學院